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About Us

Mount Freedom Jewish Center is a diverse, vibrant and family-friendly open Modern Orthodox synagogue that provides religious, cultural, social and educational experiences to the entire Jewish community of Morris County, New Jersey.  Mount Freedom Jewish Center strives to evolve and adapt Jewish tradition, law, spirit, shared learning, social action and social activities to meet the contemporary needs of our diverse Jewish community.   As the Mt. Freedom Jewish Center celebrates our centennial milestone since establishment, we seek to leverage our first hundred years towards a vibrant, future-focused Jewish community.

Our Vision in Action

Situated in the heart of Morris County, Mount Freedom Jewish Center is at the center of the American Jewish experience today.  All Jewish communities, large and small alike, are facing serious financial, educational, affiliation and ideological challenges.   Our vision is to evolve our community synagogue, anchored by timeless Jewish practice of the Halacha, where all are welcomed and all are able to contribute, regardless of gender, educational background or observance level.  We believe that intellectual openness, community-mindedness and ritually welcoming practices are the keys to passionate Jewish life and continuity. 

Opportunities for Torah laining (reading) are available to girls, boys, men and women in a variety of settings from meaningful Bar and Bat Mitzvah milestone events, to  distinguished holiday observances.  Our learning experiences include the Rabbi's weekly Parsha insight videos,  weekly live and virtual Talmud and Torah Study programs, Scholar in Residence programs, Holiday and Israel centric programs, Social Action engagements, visiting guest or member expert lectures and discussions on a diverse set of secular and non-secular topics.   TheHadar Hebrew School provides excellent educational opportunities for children including Bar/Bat Mitzvah preparation.  A variety of secular and non-secular family and children oriented events are held throughout the year.

There are many additional shul activities ongoing, throughout the year, that enhance the social, spiritual, and social-action experiences for our membership, and for the betterment of the community at large.

We believe that inviting Jewish individuals and families to participate in this kind of Jewish experience will enable personal growth and  the continuation of our vibrant Jewish community.

We invite you to feel at home within our haimish Mount Freedom Jewish Center community.  Please review our web site and reach out to our Rabbi or office for additional information.

Fri, June 21 2024 15 Sivan 5784