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Torah For Your Table...

TORAH FYT [For Your Table]- Our Parsha Study Series devoted to Rabbi Sacks' legacy will examine commentary of the weekly Parsha as addressed in his books: Covenant and Conversation, Lessons in Leadership, Studies in Spirituality, Essays on Ethics, I Believe  and Judaism's Life Changing Ideas.

This peer-Led group meets on Zoom, Thursdays 10AM.  We invite you to join us.



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YCT seeks to create a spiritually vibrant and intellectually open
Orthodox community whose Torah radiates outwards to help transform the entire Jewish world.

YCT's mission is to train rabbis, educators, and leaders who embody this vision in their teaching of Torah, their spiritual support of individuals, and their building of diverse and welcoming communities; and to deepen and disseminate a Torah and halakha that gives life to this vision and enables it to thrive.


Heschel References

VisitRecent YCT Programon Heschel "A Modern Prophet" for insights related to Rabbi A J Heshel and those he mentored and his activities in solidarity with Dr. Martin Luther King.

Fri, June 21 2024 15 Sivan 5784