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Pesach 5784 Chametz Sale Contract

Monday, April 22, 2024 14 Nisan 5784

2:00 PM - 11:59 PM 1 week after

Contract to Sell Chametz for Pesach


Mount Freedom Jewish Center 
Passover 5784:
April 22 - April 30


Before Pesach it is a requirement to eliminate all Chametz from our possession. Halacha does allow for Chametz (e.g. liquors, mixtures, etc.) to be sold to a non-Jew in those circumstances when elimination is not an option. Arrangements for such sale should be made through our rabbi using this attached contract. We welcome you to visit us at the synagogue to complete the transaction, if you prefer, the rabbi will be available after morning minyan during the week. Or, if you would like, you can arrange a specific appointment with the rabbi. If you will be unable to submit this form online or come in to the shul, you may complete a printed version of this contract and send it in to the office as soon as possible, however it must be received by Sunday, April 21, 2024.


This year, Pesach 5784/2024, the general sale of Chametz will take effect on Monday morning, April 22 before 11:30am. All Chametz which was not sold must be burned/destroyed by 11:48am on Monday. While the rabbi does not accept personal monetary gifts for this service, he encourages contributions to MTFJC relief fund, Ma’ot Chitim, for those in need.  All of these funds will go to Pesach needs and support needy people in and around our community.


NOTE: Kitniyot (food made from legumes, not eaten by Ashkenazum on Pesach) need not be sold.  Chametz utensils as well, should not be sold so as not to require a new Tevilah immersion.




Passover 5784: April 22 - April 30


Be it proclaimed that I hereby empower and authorize Rabbi Menashe East to sell all Chametz that may be in my possession, wherever it may be - at home, a place of business or elsewhere. This includes all goods which may be delivered to me over Passover as well as stocks owned in full or in part in corporations which sell or deal with Chametz. The rabbi has full rights to sell, dispose, and conduct all transactions, including rental of the store where the Chametz is stored and rental of right of way as he deems fit and proper, for such time which he believes necessary in accordance with detailed terms and forms explained in the contracts in their possession. The above power hereby being given is meant to conform with all Torah and Rabbinic regulations and laws, and also in accordance with the laws of the State of New Jersey.

Please, if necessary, contact the shul using any of these methods as needed: P.O. Box 202, 1209 Sussex Turnpike, Mt. Freedom, New Jersey 07970 PHONE: (973) 895-2100 Email:

Full Street addresses where CHAMETZ is stored.  Please specify Home, Office, etc.  (Incude Street Address, City, State, Zip Code.)



Please enter the dollar value of the Chametz

Please specify the point of contact for access to CHAMETZ, Include their name, phone number, and state.

If you or your Chametz will be in a different time zone for Pesach, please detail so that your Chametz will be sold and repurchased at the appropriate time.



Please consider contributing to the MTFJC Pesach Relief Fund for those in need.
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Wed, April 17 2024 9 Nisan 5784